Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Year Anniversary =)

Scott and I just celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday August 21st! I can't believe it has already been a year since we got married. It has honestly been the best year of my life and I am so thankful for my husband and our life together. He makes me so happy and knows me better than anyone else ever could. I am just so excited for our years to come and what we have in store. He is going to be an amazing father some day and I can't wait to have a family with him. For our anniversary we went over to the coast because we love it so much. We stayed in Florence over night and then traveled up to Newport the next day. Our hotel was nice, mostly because it was on the beach and all the rooms had an ocean view. It was GORGEOUS! Yesterday was the best day I've had in a long time! It was so nice to spend time together without work and the hassles of everyday life. The day started out with us walking around Florence and eating lunch at a really good restaurant with really good fish and chips and then we traveled up to the sea lion caves (the largest natural sea cave in the world) which is occupied by hundreds of sea lions. sadly, when we went there weren't any sea lions in the cave, but it was still beautiful! to get down to the cave you have to take an elevator 200 feet down through rock. it's scary! haha we were lucky enough to see a gray whale swimming around in the ocean right in front of the caves, so that was really cool!

The Whale blowing water

A really cool water fall that created a rainbow outside the cave

View looking towards Heceta Head lighthouse

This is where all the Sea Lions normally are inside the cave ( Main Part)

After the Caves we headed up to Yachats and fed some seagulls and then we finally ended up in Newport where we went the the Wax museum, Underwater sea world, and the Ripley's believe it or not museum. They were a lot of fun. I loved wax museum, it was my favorite of all 3! Inside the wax museum they had this rotating room thing that I loved and hated. Inside was a bridge you would walk across, but it was dark with tiny lights everywhere and the bridge stood still but the walls circled you. It was crazy and made you feel as though you were going to turn upside down. So fun, but made me so dizzy! The underwater world was neat because it looked like a boat on the ocean, but you walk inside and it's a gift shop, but then you go 10ft downstairs and it's a giant fish tank underwater that consisted of fishes, crabs, eels, and sea life all native to Oregon and they also had a diver go in and show you all the different creatures. And then there was the Ripley's museum. It was pretty cool. The shrunken heads were awesome but really gross. The only thing is I wish they would have had more real artifacts rather than replicas. But still fun!! Finally after Newport we headed to Corvallis for dinner and then back to Eugene to eat some of our 1 year old cake topper. haha and it really wasn't too bad. So our anniversary was Amazing! I loved every minute of it and I love my husband so much! I can't wait till our next one. :)

One of the Shrunken heads...yeah, you can see my camera, but It wouldn't go away. haha

Wax dragon and mermaid

Lord of the Rings characters in wax

Some headless man in wax...

ET in wax! It was freaky cause I couldn't really see him till I took a picture of him with my flash. It was kind of creepy.

Scott in the weird rotating room thing. This picture came out weird, cause it doesn't look like that. It's pitch black with tiny neon lights everywhere.

Scott kissing Johhny Depp

Apparently Scott likes him more than I do...I didn't try to kiss him. lol

Performing for wax people. I think they were famous, but I couldn't figure out who they were suppose to be. I think the one in black and pink to my left was Barbara Streisand.

And Finally Scott cutting into our wedding cake. I couldn't believe it wasn't disgusting. lol :)

Family Time

Earlier this month the Mulder side of my family had a very needed reunion up in Lincoln City. I hadn't seen most of my family in oh 10 or so years. Everyone lives so far apart and it's sad we don't see each other as often as we would like. But everyone finally made it in one spot and I got to see all of them...well some longer than others, but still awesome non the less. I wish I would have had more time with all of them. We were only up there for a night and part of the next day. I want as I get older and begin to start my own family, to strive to stay close to my own family. I think it's very important to know your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, ect... I love my family to death and want us to stay close to each other. :) So hopefully in the future we will have more reunions and I'll be able to get to know everyone a little bit better.

On another note, my step sister Lindsey and her husband Mark came to visit us here in Oregon from California a couple weeks ago with their little girl Cadence. It was so good to see them! I hadn't seen Mark and Lindsey in 4 or so years I believe and this was the first time I have ever met my niece. She is so adorable and smart! she will be 3 on Christmas day. I feel so fortunate to have had so much family around this month, it's sad that most of them are all gone. So while Cadence was here I decided to take some pictures of her because she is goofy and very adorable :)

Cameron is Home!

Ok ok ok, I know it has been forever since I actually wrote anything on here, so I am making myself sit down and do it now. lol Oh really not that much has happened in the past couple months. Cameron is home now! yay! He got home late Thursday night on August 6th and is looking awesome! It is so good to have him around again. He is one of my best buddies :) Right now he is living at home trying to figure out what to do for school and work. His spirit and strength amazes me and I look up to him so much. I love having people like him around me, because they only lift you up and make life fun!

His First Night Home

Cameron and I before his Mission

Since he has been back I have found that he hasn't really changed that much, he is still the fun loving, funny, witty, silly brother I had before, but now he is older, wiser and definitely more spiritual. He is still the same person, just a lot more experienced in life. I have very handsome brothers and am proud of all of them. :) lol. Anyways, I love my bro and am so happy he is home again! I still can't believe he is 21! It's crazy to think he is that old already. haha