Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Time :)

Easter was really Uneventful, but awesome that we could be together without work. We colored eggies! which we have never done together before and it was so much fun! It was way cute how Scott got into it. I was proud of how good of a job he did. hehe :) I beat him though, he even admits that I made the best egg. Some of his were really good! It was a really tough call. It's just so much fun being together without worrying about work. I love it! Scott and I finally figured out how to Play with Tia and my family back home on the Wii Mario Kart. It's so fun! I love the fact that even though we are not in Oregon, we can still feel like we are together through a game. lol I think Tia, Scott and I ended up playing it for almost two hours on Easter, while we had Tia on speaker phone to make it more real. I lost of course almost every race, Scott and Tia are just too good. It was basically Awesomness! haha. Hmm.... There's not much to update other then the stuff above. Scott and I are doing really great! Just still keeping busy with work and school. We miss you all very much! cross your fingers so that we can move home this summer, because I know I am! Oh and we made a dozen eggs, but I only took pictures of some of them. So here they are....

Kirsten's ( This one won)
Yay for Oregon! ( Kirsten's)

It's About Time!

Ok, so I have been slacking a lot lately on updating my blog. Bad Kirsten! Anyways I don't really feel as though we have done a lot lately, but that's because we really haven't. hehe But I do have some pictures.Scott and I went to the Festival of Colors last month in Spanish Fork and it was awesome! Basically it's an Indian festival celebrating the coming of spring. They hold it out at what looks like an Indian palace called the Hare Krishna temple. It's so Gorgeous!!! I wish I took Pictures of it, but I forgot. Thousands of what mostly consists of college kids gather together and throw colored powder at each other at the sound of a bell. It's so cool looking! But sadly Scott and I got separated during the start of the throwing, because I had to use the bathroom that was a million miles long and he went to buy colors, which they were out of. I was really sad that I couldn't find him, but I eventually did. I didn't get pictures of us covered in powder because I didn't think about it and I didn't want to get my camera dirty. So basically it was a way cool experience! You know besides the tons of car accidents on the freeway caused by dumb college drivers and them being out of colored powder. haha :)

I found this picture of the temple online, Just to give you and idea. So Pretty!
I don't know these people, I just wanted to show how colorful people get. Hehe :)

This is only Part of the Group on one side of the Temple, People were wrapped all the way around.