Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Blogging

I really don't know why blogging is so hard for me. I mean, it's so easy! I guess it really just comes down to the fact that I'm lazy and have nothing interesting to say. So at my rate, I am now blogging every couple months. haha So, my goal now is to get better and do it more often. I think I end up waiting so long that I start forgetting everthing I wanted to blog about in the first place.

So the only thing I can think about blogging about is Thanksgiving and how amazing it was to have all my siblings there! It's been a couple years since we have all been around the Thanksgiving table because Cameron was on his Mission and Scott and I were in Utah last year. It always means so much to me to have my family around. I love them so much and it's crazy how old we are all getting! Tia just turned 11 last month! where has the time gone? I remember when she was in diapers dancing around in my mom's heals that were 10 times to big for her. and when she would roar like a dinosaur on command and drink milk out of the gallon that was almost as big as she was. Soon she will be a teenager and then start high school, go to college and get married. AH! It's so crazy! Katelyn is almost 20 and getting more beautiful everyday, Cameron is 21 and leaving for college in January, Chris is 25 and living up in Portland going to massage school, and I'm 23, married, and living my own life. We are all adults now and I never thought the time would come where we would be separated and only seeing each other every once and awhile on holidays or other random events. So That's why Thanksgiving meant so much to me. To have all the people I love in one place for that one day was amazing! So I am looking forward to Christmas where we can all be together again before more of us move away and makes it that much harder for all of us to get together. I have amazing parents, all 4 of them! I couldn't have asked for better. They each have contributed in their own ways to the person I am today and I thank all of them for being there for me. and I love that they are all family oriented and strive to get us all together as much as possible. :) Oh and last but not least, I love this time of year!!! It's absolutely my favorite. I'll try to get better at blogging and doing it more than once every two months. lol Life is Wonderful and I couldn't be happier :)
Tia and Katelyn 2005
Tia and Katelyn now....I have such pretty sisters :)

Chris, Kate, Cam, and Me Then and Now :)