Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Awesome Family =)

My older brother Chris (right) and basically my other brother Brad. lol I have known him for so long that he is like a brother to me. These guys are my favorite ( Besides my husband of course, hehe ) I couldn't have asked for a better older brother!!! He is so wonderful and I'm excited for when I can hang out with him again!!
My amazingly GORGEOUS sister Katelyn! Just thought I had to show her off. I'm so Proud of her, she's such a wonderful and hard working woman! LOVE HER!
The most Manly men you'll ever meet! lol This is Scott's dad and my Step dad BBQin' for our reception. They loved it ( at least I hope) haha and they did such an amazing job!!!
Twins!!!! My best friend who also happens to be my mom!! Love her!
These are my wonderful Grandparents! On the left you have my mom's mom, and then my Dad's mom next to her and then finally my step dad's dad. Seriously they are Amazing people!!
This is actually what my step mom looks like now..ha ha I thought she might like this picture of her better. lol

My Daddy and my Step mom Tricia! Amazing people! I love them both so much!!!!!! I didn't have an updated picture of them, but o well, this works.

This is my Brother Cameron who is on a mission in the West Indies so he couldn't make it to the wedding, sad day! but he is coming home in close to 5 months!! I'm so excited!

This is Scott's side; from left to right you have his sister Kim, Brother Chris, Dad, Sister Jennifer, Mom and his brother Mike. I love my new in-laws!

This is my side of the family...well sort of, there are people missing, but included in this is my step dad, my mom, older brother Chris, little sister Tia, Sister Katelyn, and my little brother Mark.

Blogging Randomness

Ok, so I've been trying to figure out this whole blogging thing and I think i'm slowly getting it. Finally! Mostly thanks to my friend Jen for taking the time to show me what to do. ha ha Anyways, I thought this would be a good way for me to update friends and family on our lives, because i'm really bad at writing letters and calling. Ok, so this is hopefully the first of many posts! Yay!