Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Time Pictures

These are just some pictures I took for fun yesterday. I'm trying to get better at using my new camera.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ok! so we finally made it to Oregon! well, actually we got into town late late Friday night at 12:30 6 days ago, but i'm a slacker so i'm just now doing this. :) The trip was very very long, but really not too bad. We woke up in Provo around 5 a.m and started packing up the rest of the stuff in the u-haul and cars and then we fixed the apartment and locked our door for the very last time. We headed out on the road around 7 a.m after we hit the wal-mart to stock up on drinks and snacks. Tia and I rode in my car and Scott took his car with the u-haul on the back. Tia and I watched about 6 movies on the way home; well she watched, I listened haha it definitely helped the time go by a lot faster. We hit some traffic in Salt Lake, but it wasn't too bad, and then the rest of the trip till Bend, Oregon went on without a hitch! Well that was until Scott blew a tire on his Jeep around 8 p.m! We had just pulled away from the gas station and about a mile down the road I see Scott pull off to the side very quickly and I was confused, so I of course pulled over too. I got out to see if I could help and by that time Scott had unloaded basically everything out of the back of his car looking for a wrench to take the bolts off his bad tire. He finally found one, but with our luck it was too big for his bolts and so I went to my car and found mine, but it was broken. haha so that was awesome! He was able to get 4 of the 5 bolts off but the 5th one was impacted on so it would not budge. We ended up having to call road side assistance and have them come help. It took them an hour to get to us and about 20 minutes to get the tire fixed. So all in all, we were stuck in Bend for 2 hours. Blah! Which is the same amount of time it would have taken us to get home to Eugene. So instead of arriving home at 10 p.m we didn't get there till after midnight. By that time we were tired and hungry after already driving for 14 or so hours. After we got back on our way the trip was rainy, foggy, and very dark; which for me is awful because I have really bad night vision, even with glasses/contacts. So it was scary!! Anyways, we finally got home and all my family was still up to welcome us home with a banner on the window saying "Welcome Home Scott and Kirsten". It was cute :) Lets just say we are very happy we are home and that we made it all in one piece.