Monday, January 18, 2010



Scott and I saw it in IMAX 3D Last week and it was AMAZING!! Truly it was. The graphics were awesome! I highly suggest it. :) The End.

Saturday, January 16, 2010




For awhile now Scott and I have been wanting to get a more gas efficient and a more future family friendly car. So on New Years day we went to the Toyota car dealership just to "LOOK" at this Prius Scott saw online for a really really good price. We got there and loved the car of course! It was in amazing shape, got awesome gas millage and was also way too technical for me at first. haha So we bought it that day after a ton of negotiating because it was just too good of a deal to pass up. So we said goodbye to Scott's Jeep which we loved and brought home a new car. It's still really strange that we don't have his Jeep anymore. I have so many awesome memories of that car and it is missed. BUT! I am so excited about our new car. We have taken it on a few trips lately to test out the gas millage and it didn't disappoint at all. When we took our little trip to Florence we filled up the gas tank in Eugene then drove the 50 ish miles to Florence and the drove all around town and the coast and then all the way back to Eugene. We used I think around 125 miles or so that trip and when we got back to Eugene we filled the gas tank back up to see how much we spent and so we could calculate our average gas millage. We ended up spending a little over $6 for the whole trip and a little over 2 gallons of gas, which averages out to 74ish mpg that trip. WE WERE SO HAPPY! Scott's Jeep got about 16 mpg. So, we are excited for when we get to take our road trip to Utah in March! I'm very interested in how much it is going to cost us. A few things about the car that I've had to learn are that it never sounds like it's running. You can hear the engine barely at all to the point where it's kind of creepy. haha It has a 6 inch touch screen that contains a backup camera, so anytime I'm in reverse I can see everything behind me. The screen also is where you control the music, climate, and you can see your average millage and what source you are using whether it me the battery or the gas engine. To put the car in park is just a separate button and to start the car is a button too. With our car you don't even need to stick a key in, just as long as it is in the car you can start it and drive. It's creepy and awesome! So we love our new car. I'm excited for all the adventures it's going to be used for. We are very happy with our decision. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Oregon Coast ...aka Love :)

Scott and I went to the Florence Coast last Sunday and it was beautiful as always. It's truly one of our favorite places to go. These are some pictures I took :) While we were out of the Jetty we saw a bunch of seals. They were so cute!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

So Christmas this year was amazing and I loved every minute of it! We had a very busy day. Scott and I woke up at 7 so that we could open up our presents for each other at our apartment first and then we went over to his grandma's house at 9 to open presents, then to my parents house at 11 to open all of those presents. So we had A LOT of presents to open, but it was fun! My family was nice enough, well TIA was kind enough to let us push opening presents to 11 instead of 9 so that Scott and I could be there. I don't want to have to choose between houses for Christmas morning and if I can get away with it then I won't choose, I'll work around it. haha Luckily enough both of our parents live 5 minutes from each other. It makes it so nice!!! I feel as though we got super spoiled with gifts. My parents and his are too giving and they got us so many nice and neat things. One of my favorite things I got was my ipod nano. I have never had one before, so it's been awesome having one! I got Scott a blu-ray player so that we could watch all our favorite movies in high def. on our majorly humongous t.v. that I love! Back in November we spoiled ourselves and bought a 58' Samsung Plasma t.v. It is so awesome!!! We love to watch movies together and a big t.v makes it that much better and now with blu-ray, there is really no need to go to a theater haha. Scott bought me some accessories for my Nikon camera which I'm really excited about. :) Later on on Christmas Day my step mom came down with my little brother and we opened presents with both of them. My mom was smart and we had Christmas dinner the night before, so on Christmas we all got to relax and play tons of games. I love my family and having them all around! After Christmas was over it was sad to have everyone leave. My older brother Chris went back up to Portland, Cameron left for Idaho a few days later and Everyone else had to get back to work. BOO! I really wish we could all hang out a lot more. I always hate when Christmas is over, it's my favorite time of year. For New Years my Man and I watched movies and forced ourselves to stay awake till midnight. I really could have crashed around 10, but that would have been lame. So I stayed up. Overall being home this Christmas season way more then made up for not being home last year. Being with family is AWESOME :)

These are my Christmas Kitties. Got to love them! :)