Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Years!

Today is Scott and Mines 3 year anniversary! It has been amazing being married to this man. He is so wonderful, hard working, kind, caring, funny, and the list could go on and on. All I know is that I am the luckiest girl to have snagged him. He makes me so happy and I love him more that anything :) Maybe I'll take some Pics today at the fair, but maybe not also. haha Cont....Ok so I did take some pics and here they are. My little sis Tia and bro Mark came along with us and had a ton of fun! Even though it was super hot outside. Overall we had a wonderful anniversary :)

Love this one! 
Mark wasn't too happy with this ride....haha But Tia loved it! (She's sitting next to him)

Mark decided he wanted to hold this......Ewwww......
I love him :)