Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Birthday weekend

So my birthday was on Sunday September 5th, woohoo! haha It's not really a big deal. Just another reason to spend some time with the hubby and family. And those are my two favorite things to do. For my birthday I really wanted to go camping! Scott and I hadn't been at all this year, so we decided it would be fun. Unfortunately my birthday usually equals labor day weekend, but we lucked out and got a campsite in Florence anyways. I love camping at Honeyman! It's so amazing and awesome there. Plus I really love Florence. So for an adventure Scott and I on our way to the coast decided to go North of Eugene and then over and then down to Florence and on our way home we went South of Florence, then over, then up to Eugene. Definitely a longer way to get to the coast and home, but so worth it. The drive is amazing! While at the coast we visited the beach, ate salt water taffy, bought a new candle, made s'mores, rafted in the middle of the lake and lounged, caught some really cute salamanders, went to the beach at night, made foil dinners, made yummy breakfast of eggs and sausage, went to the fish ladders in Roseburg, and most of all just enjoyed each others company. It was a great trip! Can't wait to do it again. I love adventures with Scott. He is so fun. :) Oh and the day before my birthday we had a family party for me at my mom's house. I love my family. They mean the world to me and I don't know what I would do without them. I wish life wasn't so busy, so that I could see all of them more often. I am very fortunate to have a family that is so close. Thanks everyone for making my birthday so awesome!

Above is the Fish Ladder. It's a Maze of Cement to help the Salmon and other fish get up the dam to go up river. It was actually pretty cool, because you could go down and see the fish as they were trying to swim up.

Happy 2 Years to us!

Ok Ok I know our Anniversary was over 3 weeks ago, but I have been super busy! But in a good way. :) I have been doing a ton more photo shoots lately and weddings. It's keeping me busy along with my actual job where I make real money...blah. haha

So. For our anniversary we wanted to do something fun and different, but not too expensive, since we are on a budget. So my amazing husband came up with the idea to take the train to Portland instead of drive. It was the best idea ever! All I wanted for our anniversary was to spend time with each other and relax, because with our schedules, we don't get to relax often. And honestly he is my favorite in every way. He is my favorite person to be with, my best friend, my husband, the one I can always turn to, and the one who will love me now matter what I look like, the mistakes I make, or how emotional I get sometimes and drive him crazy. He loves me for me and I always tell him I love how much he loves me. He makes me so happy :) There is no doubt in my mind that these past two years have been the BEST. Who cares about the hard times we have had, because the Amazing times are all that matter and are the only ones that I care to remember. No one is perfect and I have learned that no matter the problem, we can work it out, because "us" is what is important. I just wish everybody could be as happy with their husband as I am, but sadly I know that is not the case. I feel truly blessed to have found the man of my dreams, the future father of my children, and the man I wake up to every morning more in love with and excited to spend the rest of my life with. What else can I say.... I just simply love him. And you know you are meant to be with someone when you get each other the exact same anniversary card! from different stores on different days! haha

Ok Ok I'm done with all the sappy lovey stuff no one cares about but me. :) So our trip was so much fun! we took the train from Eugene to Portland and it took about 2 hours and we got to sit back, relax and not worry about driving. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It's more expensive then driving, but for Scott and I it was an adventure and well worth it. Plus we both had never been on a real train before. Luckily getting around Portland without a car is pretty easy with the Max. Love that thing. Once we got into Portland we checked into our hotel and then went straight to the Portland Zoo. :) So fun! I love all the animals. But I did get a little side tracked and took a lot of pictures of the people there. haha the outfits crack me up. I'll post pictures below. so anyways, after the zoo we actually took a nap for a couple hours and then went off to dinner downtown Portland. The next day we just relaxed, ate breakfast, then boarded our train to go back home. It was a short trip, but an amazing one. We definitely needed a weekend of just us.

Haha so my own section of What Not to Wear:

Now Some Animals:

Portland Train Station:

Scott and I:

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