Monday, April 7, 2014


I am the worst blogger....and I fear I will never get better. But at least I have taken up writing in my journal a lot more. So that's good! It has been over a year now since I last wrote and so much has gone on that it is far too much to write about. Here is a quick summary though.

Last June we made a trip to Utah to visit friends and family. It was so much fun!

Scott got a new Job working for Edward Jones a few weeks ago and is in the training process. I am very happy and proud of him. He is such a hard worker.

We are having baby #2 in mid August! and it's another BOY! we are so excited and thrilled :)

Cieran is almost 18 months old! he is running everywhere and getting into everything. He is basically my best buddy and I love him to pieces. I just love being his mom. He lights up my life everyday :)

Cieran and I are traveling to Utah with my step mom and dad in a few weeks to see my brother Cameron graduate from BYU! I am so proud of that kid. He is pretty amazing and I am so excited to see him and his lovely amazing wife Bethany. Scott is unable to go because of this will be quite the adventure with just me and my boy. haha! but I am so so stoked to see everyone.

Ok yeah that's basically the important stuff in a nutshell. I might go into some more details later when I have more time. Life is good and we are happy and healthy. Couldn't ask for more :) Here are some our latest family photo session taken in November. Enjoy :)

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