Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maternity Photos :)

My very talented friend Jamie Jones was able to take my maternity photos for me and here are some of my favorites :) and yes....We are still waiting for baby....he is so stubborn! haha :)

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Rachael Mulder said...

I love the shot from above in your red and white striped shirt. So cute. :) I'm so excited for you!! Are you planning on breastfeeding? Hopefully! Here is an article that is an absolutely MUST-READ before you go into the hospital.

There is the link, sorry I don't know how to link it up. I'm glad you made it to 40 weeks! That is awesome for the baby. :) He is doing some important growing in there!!!! :) :) :L) :) So excited for you!! Get ready for the most amazing experience of your life !!!!